Andre Brut Sparkling Wine 750ml

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Country: USA

Alc 9.5%

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Andre Brut Sparkling Wine


A classic Brut California Champagne. The term Brut refers to the dryness of the bubbles. Brut California Champagne being the driest tasting Champagne. The word Brut translates to “raw” or “unrefined” in French.

This Brut sparkling wine features a medium to dry blend of white wine grapes, resulting in a fruity flavor somewhere between green apples and sweet lemons.

Brut can be used as a mixer in your favorite cocktail, or served as a standalone solution to class up your own personal happy hour.


The classics never go out of style. Like a fine tailored suit, you can’t go wrong with Brut. It’s the perfect bubbly accessory.

Grabbing brunch? Better plan on mimosas. Hitting the town? Start the party with a pop.

Brut is the ultimate every day luxury, and this one won’t break your bank. No matter where you’re going, bringing André Brut will make a statement.