Hua Pai Mou Tai CLASSIC 500ml 华派茅台经典8年

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华茅经典蓝  (酱香型) 白酒, 8年佳酿
Alc 53%
Age: 8 years 

Country: China

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Hua Pai Mou Tai CLASSIC
华茅经典蓝  (酱香型) 白酒, 8年佳酿
Age: 8 years 

This is a bottle of baijiu (distilled chinese liquor) brewed with exquisite time and effort. With a rich history and cultural heritage behind it, it’s intricate taste is bound to warm people’s hearts. 

Made with well-complemented wheat and sorghum, it gives off an elegant long-lasting aroma and flavour.

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这是一壶岁月之酒。用时间酝酿的琼浆,拥有着悠久的历史文化和厚重的文化底蕴,必然由衷酿岀温暖人心的玉液。小麦与高粱相得益彰,化成琼浆,焕发出 ”玖”不衰悠长酱香。幽雅细腻,留香持久。

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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 9 × 12 × 25 cm