Shin Umeshu Bundle

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Country: Japan


Enjoy all 3 flavours at once!

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Shin Umeshu Bundle

Premium Shin Umeshu Bundle is light and refreshing, sweet, sour taste, with an alcohol content of 10–15%. Suitable for all your alcoholic guests!


Shin Umeshu Brandy is a plum wine blended with brandy. It is carefully hand-brewed using Japanese plums and Eigashima’s century-old brand Charmant brandy aged 7 years. ‬Rich with complex aroma of brandy and sour-sweet plum wine‭, this is a truly ‬unique product‭ which is surely bound to intrigue even the most avid of drinkers‭.‬

Ingredients‭: ‬Brandy‭, ‬Plum Wine‭, ‬Sugar‭ ‬

Red Wine

Shin Umeshu Red Wine is a plum wine blended with red wine. It is carefully hand-brewed using Japanese plums and blended with Eigashima’s century-old brand Charmant red wine. ‬The fragrance and full body of red wine makes a perfect balance with the plums. Making it a truly ‬unique product‭ that’s not only easy to drink but also leaves unforgettable aroma in the taste buds‭.‬

Ingredients‭: ‬Red Wine, ‬Plum Wine‭, ‬Sugar‭ ‬


Shin Umeshu Whisky is a plum liqueur made with 100% Japanese plums brewed with sochu (Japanese distilled rice beverage), which is then finished with Akashi whisky. Savor the rich and well-balanced flavour of citrus and vanilla with moderate sweetness, and enjoy the lingering aftertaste of wooden aroma with distinctive notes of whisky.

Ingredients‭: ‬Whisky‭, ‬Plum Wine‭, ‬Sugar