Soju 5-Bottle Bundle w/Glass

$47.50 /set

Country: Korea

5 x 360ml
Alc: 12.0%, Original 15.0%

Comes with a FREE SHOT GLASS (worth $3) 🎁!
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MIX & MATCH 5 bottles from our selection of amazing flavours!

  • Original
  • Lychee
  • Muscat Grape
  • Peach
  • Watermelon

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Chuga Soju 5-Bottle Bundle (5 x 360ml)
Mix and match 5 bottles from our selection of five amazing flavours!

The traditional O.G.  with a modern twist.
Incredibly smooth, easy-to-drink and with a signature cooling taste. Made to mix with beer to make it more refreshing.

A light yet flavourful “lychee martini” in a bottle.
Serve chilled and enjoy it as a shot or a slow sip.
Mix it into traditional cocktail recipes, beers or Asian iced and jelly desserts.

Muscat Grape
These grapes are better in soju than wine.
Sweet with a light and fragrance, pairs well with beer (if you like fruity-tasting beers) or yoghurt based cocktails.

Everything’s peachy after a sip.
Sweet, juicy with little acidity. Perfect to mix into cocktails and even in a Peach Cobbler dessert (to make dinners more interesting).

One of our signature soju flavours.
This is the fruit of the summer, perfect to drink chilled as a shot or mixed in with clear fizzy soft drinks. Cool down with this drink on a hot day, and feel fresh!

This Chuga Soju 5-Bottle Bundle  is suitable for a gathering size of about 5 – 6 pax!