Wokka Saki (Vintage) 700ml

$53.60 /bottle

Alc 40.0%

* Please note that due to the vintage condition of product, cork may break upon opening. However, the great taste and quality of the content in the bottle are not affected!

To prevent cork breakage – Remove the seal only, simmer the bottle in a bowl of hot water, then slowly pour the hot water over cap, the cork will slowly rise up over time.

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Wokka Saki is a blend of micro distilled grain vodka, fine Japanese saki and a subtle flavour of Asian fruit.

It is the fusion of two noble cultures, and inspired by the awesome beauty of  ‘Snow Monsters’ found around Japan’s Asahi Mountains between January and March.

A rare process of three-step micro distillation in a single stainless steel pot still, ensures the grain vodka in this bottle is exceptionally smooth; Fine imported Japanese sake is then carefully blended with the vodka and a subtle fusion of Asian fruit is added that harnesses the character of Wokka Saki and gives it its distinctive flavour.

This labour intensive process of single batch distillation and manual blending is reserved for only the finest and most “ expensive spirits.